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Ontario, Canada
Santa Catarina, Brazil

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Tactics Returners is a tactical RPG inspired by the classic 90’s game, Final Fantasy Tactics, as well as blending mechanics from a wide variety of more modern titles.

The story jumps between different factions within The Empire, ultimately centering around the exploits of the Rebellion Faction known as “The Returners”, and their struggle for independence.

Experience brand new adventures through several characters and story arcs, and aid The Returners through cleaver strategy and tactics.


2D Tactical Battle Fields

This entire engine is in 2D, with the focus on making battlefield engagements easier to read even through multiple floors and environmental factors.

TP Boost System

Taking inspiration from fighting games, a TP Boost system is in place, shared by the whole party. Through character progression, many techs and magics can become boostable and are key when used at the opportune time to gain an advantage over the enemy.

High Quality Aesthetics

Great time and care was taken to create a world where all artistic aspects were specifically made to work together, creating an overall quality feel using modern anime production techniques.

Meaningful Job & Talent Upgrade System

A very robust job, equipment, and talent system is in place, ready to help the player customize their parties in order to face the many challenges that await them.

Story Rich & Freeroam Exploration

The story is told through cutscenes as well as free roaming areas, that let the player interact with NPCs and explore the world. This can open up new content and sidequests.






Dark Theme

Light Theme


We are a couple of indie devs, from professional backgrounds, self-driven to work on our life long passion project.

Being fanatical strategy gamers, Tactics Returners is a project created by people who’ve played to completion many games from this particular genre.

Using our talents, we focused on overall world art, NPC AI, and UI. Our hope is to be able to share a wonderful new gameplay experience, and tell exciting new stories to many players looking for a new adventure.



Lead Red Mage
Art / Creative / Audio / Jack of All Trades

Henrique de Carvalho

Lead White Mage
Programmer / Game Designer / Writer

Dale North

Black Mage
Lead Composer